Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Who's in for Clinchbeard?

Ok.  Here we go.  The Vancouver Canucks have officially clinched a playoff spot, and as is tradition in hockey markets amongst players and fans alike, its time to grow a playoff beard.

A playoff beard is a beard that you start growing at the start of the playoffs and don't shave until your team is eliminated or, ultimately, raises the Stanley Cup.  The longer your scruff, the longer your team has survived in the playoffs.  Call it superstition or call it support, or, nowadays, call it a fashion statement, it has been a Canadian tradition for many, many years.

A clinchbeard is basically the same thing, except you shave and start growing your beard when your team clinches a playoff spot.  In the Canucks case, that was last night when the lowly Oilers surprised the LA Kings with a regulation win.  The Kings, even if they win out